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    Currently, the market there are many types of tiles used for roofing for buildings. Tiles can be divided into several categories and many different names according to how manufacturing, production technologies, uses, and so on ... Color tile production technology have only been in Vietnam long as 5-6 years. Our products are mainly produced by technology of Japan, Germany, Italy ... A tile size 330 x 400 x average 15 (mm), equivalent to 10 tablets / m2, each weighing from 4 to 4 members , 2 kg and weighing 40 to 42 kg roof / m2, lighter than traditional tiles about 20%. In addition, colored tiles with a higher bending strength, able to absorb moisture, heat-resistant, waterproof and very good mildew limited. The vertical edges and water barrier width of the tile can to prevent overtopping phenomenon tile slots in heavy rain and high winds. In addition, due to large size tiles, costs for the roof truss system can help reduce some Within the meanwhile, how do terracotta tiles has a long lifetime. so choose terracotta tiles or tile color (concrete roof tiles).
    Some criteria to choose between terracotta tiles ( tiles typically 22 members / m2 ) and painted cement tiles roof ( concrete roof tiles )
    roof tiles.In other words , tile cement tank fracture prone than terracotta tiles .
    Terracotta tiles baked at temperatures as high in the furnace , the more firmer .
    Terracotta tile durable , more than 30 years , even abroad when people warranty to 50 years.
    In Vietnam , assorted colored cement tiles roof largely structural warranty from 7-10 years .
    2. Colour
    Considering the level of diversity of colors to choose from, the cement tiles is superior. Usually these firms offer 10-12 color tile colors, and some employers also can work on the same 2-color tiles. Terracotta tiles are merely red brick, dark or bright red color is due to the clay material. Today, all kinds of terracotta tile can also enamelled green as yeast, yeast, yeast eel skin brown, gray enamel ... However, these types of glazed earthenware tile very expensive. Fastness of colored tiles is a problem that has long been discussed, especially in the climatic conditions in our country. Actual use, many roof were painted silver, black and white mold after a few years of use. The colored tiles manufacturer producing cells largely operating only color 5-7 years. The type of earthenware tiles discolored by virtually resistant to UV rays, but if it is not waterproof type is also very susceptible to mildew. So often this kind must be treated tile waterproofing, or otherwise they must be kind of old terracotta tiles in the high temperature will be less waterproof.
    3. PRICE
    On the economic front, sand-cement tiles roof will cost only 50% -60% compared with terracotta tile roof in m2.
    Indeed, terracotta tiles is an expensive type of roofing material on the market.


    Absorb Heat: earthenware tiles usually known for cool roof advantages, and characteristics,
    the traditional tiled terracotta cooler then most other roofing materials. Concrete tiles,
    has a high heat absorption - by the nature of concrete retain heat.
    Also, the paint colors, dark colors absorb more heat brightly painted tile types.

    Lighter color tile cement tile tradition about 20%,
    partly due to large tiles should reduce the area of overlap on each other.

    Set up:
    Colored cement tiles roof are relatively easy installation of tile than earthenware.
    Concrete tiles are also many dedicated members to synchronize than tile roofing as tees,
    tees Roofing investment in top place 3-4 intersecting roof or tile edge, end roof ... easily complete the nooks, the tip and eaves.


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