Nghệ An Wood pallet supply and service in Vietnam

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    Wood pallet supply and service in Vietnam

    HD Asean Vietnam Co., Ltd, a provider of high quality, low-cost pallets for all industrial zones and export services in Viet Nam and surrounding areas. It is the first choice of all customers nationwide.

    The products of HD Asean Vietnam are always the best quality products, 100% perfect, error free, no defects, made from natural wood materials, taken from the forest and processed. Design in accordance with standards, in accordance with the needs of customers. Any price offered to the customer will be the lowest, most economical.

    Advantages when closing wooden pallet:

    • The ground should be protected against moisture from the soil.

    • Each shipment can move large quantities (including pallets)

    • Pallets can be lifted onto the pallet or palletized to the container quickly

    • Inventory will be stored in a scientific and mechanized way.

    HD Asean Vietnam is now one of the leading companies in Vietnam providing pallet closing services

    Depending on the requirements of the customer or depending on the type of goods, we will provide free consultation for you to save costs while still ensuring the quality of goods during the transportation.

    Please contact us as soon as we start packing your cargo for free consultation.

    photo wooden pallet:
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    HD Asean Vietnam Limited Liability Company

    HEAD OFFICE: Gate 109 Truong Chinh - Thanh Xuan District - Hanoi

    Office: 858 / 20A QL1A, Binh Tri Dong A Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City

    TEL - HANOI: 024.3375.66.99 - Hotline: 0964.60.44.11

    Tel: - Hotline: 0978.30.53.78

    Email: [email protected] - [email protected]

    Website: -

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